Core Care Center
Alternatives to Enhance a Healthy Lifestyle

Our Mission is to support your process of healing and staying healthy. We practice healthy compliments to the Western / Allopathic approach. Together, we combine your Doctor’s recommendations with individual care customized to support your internal health, allowing your regime to be more effective. We are committed to continuing our training and acquiring the latest state-of-the-art equipment that will provide you with the most effective results for your increased health.

We use and recommend everything sold on this website; however, we recommend scheduling an appointment for nutritional counseling if you are trying new products or looking for help choosing a supplement protocol that suits you best.

Our Practitioners

Marc Weill
Nutritional Counseling & Certified Advanced Rolfer

Marc is featured in Alternative Medicine Magazine, reviewed as "The Best to Heal What Ails You" in San Francisco Magazine's 2004 "The Ultimate Health Guide" and published in Healing by Hand: Manual Medicine and Bonesetting in Global Perspective.
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Certified AIT Practitioner
  • Muscle Testing
  • Advanced Rolfer
  • Biological Assessment
  • Vega Testing
  • Over 25 years experience