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BioPharma Scientific: NanoEPA - Lemon 15oz

BioPharma Scientific: NanoEPA - Lemon 15oz

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BioPharma Scientific: NanoEPA 15oz.; High Potency Source of Natural Vitamins D3 for Bone, Heart and Immune Health

Suboptimal Vitamin D nutrition and deficiency is extremely common in much of the United States. This is especially true for darker skinned people, the elderly, persons with poor fat digestion and those living in northern climates.

The two main reasons are lack of unprotected sun exposure and the lack of fatty fish in the diet. Fatty fish is the best common dietary source of both EPA/DHA and vitamin D! So if you need EPA & DHA because your diet lacks it, unless you are getting regular sun, you likely need Vitamin D as well!

Vitamin D is very important for calcium uptake and bone, colon, cardio-vascular and immune health. Many doctors recommend optimizing vitamin D for their diabetic, hypertensive and overweight patients.

Each teaspoon of NanoEPADHA supplies 500 IU of emulsified vitamin D, 125% of the recommended daily value (DV) plus superior absorption!

Plus vitamin E Complex, an Excellent Source of Antioxidant Protection

The 8 vitamin E Complex:
-helps maintains healthy cell membranes
-provides powerful antioxidant protection
-supports a healthy cardiovascular system
-supports healthy immune function
-provides all 4 tocopherols & 4 tocotrienols!

Furthermore, as even the best fish oils can easily become unstable (oxidized), both in the bottle and the body, NanoEPADHA is fortified with the lipid antioxidant protection of all eight different kinds of vitamin E (four tocopherols and four tocotrienols) emulsified for maximum absorption, protection and benefit.

NanoEPADHA is manufactured in a cGMP & FDA approved facility.
  • 360 mg EPA/DHA Emulsified for up to 300% more absorption
  • + 500 IU emulsified vitamin D
  • + All 8 Vitamin E’s
  • + MaxPure™ Process
  • No heavy metals
  • No PDBs/ Dioxins
  • No contaminants

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